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08.01.2008 20:23
CC und Mark at Don Hills Zitat · antworten
CC schreibt in einem MySpace Bulletin über vergangenen Samstag und ihren nächsten Auftritt am 31. Januar mit Randy Flowers (da muss ich hin )

Thank you all so much for your support at Don Hills Sat. night, it was great to see all those double C's in the crowd bopping around!

Next gig, Thurs. Jan 31. at Crash Mansion 199 Bowrey, NY @ Spring.
this gig will be acoustic, with special guest Randy Flowers. Don't miss it!
and Rock ON!!!!!!!!


Hier ein gekürztes Review von einem Freund der dort war :

As soon as we arrived we ran out of the cab and
proceeded into the venue. We got there pretty early, it
was about 6:30-7:00. We watched a couple other bands
play, none of which I remember the names of. (Oops!)
And on the night went.. As it got later, and
closer to the time we had been waiting for, fans from
all over started to fill the club. And by all over,
I'm referring to those who flew here from different
Anyway, CC sang with J-Henry, before she took over the stage for her own set. As soon as CC began singing, I knew the show was going to be worth the drive down from Boston. Her voice is amazing; she sings with such passion! And of course, Mark was rocking on the keyboards! They played a couple of CC's own songs, as well as a Janis Joplin and other
A little sax boy named David Luther received an open
invitation to play some songs with the band.. So he did,
and he did it well. So far, three of ML's band members
were united on that stage at Don Hills that night, why
not add a fourth?! Kasim Sulton joined the fun and
took over bass for "Gimme Shelter." They sounded amazing,
as was expected from these talented musicians.
I was sad when the night came to an end, but I'm more
than certain that there will be more of where that came
from! "You were my angel" is a song CC wrote and
dedicated to her parents. I can relate very well to it,
as I'm sure most people can. Big things are coming for
Miss CC... double C's This is just the beginning!

Dieses Review wurde von Don bei mySpace als Bulletin geschrieben !

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